Sunday, September 4, 2016

Housemanship already finish

Assalamualaikum... haiii

fuhfuh.. too many dust here~~~

It's 2 years since my last post in this blog..
Time flies so fasttt..
There are too many things happen in my life in this 2 years..

Housemanship already finish-
Alhamdulillah without extension..
Alhamdullilah gaining weight.. haha
Alhamdulillah gaining knowledge from various posting
Alhamdulillah surviving well

Alhamdulillah every 4 month end of posting holiday i got chance to go holiday with my family..
even tho it just Tanjung Piai or Desaru

Alhamdulillah i got my 1st car, it just a little purple myvi but i love him.. (eh JQN is a male??)
even tho he had too many scratch, too many crack.. i still love him.. :P
(y I know, I'm the one who done all the damage.. i'am sorry)

although it had been 2 years.. I still remember the 1st day I work as houseman, the 1st time my patient GCS drop in gynae ward after miscarriage, the 1st time my specialist scold me inside treatment room in ward 8, a week without taking proper meal during medical posting, the day I left my food in Hospital cafeteria because my MO call to assist procedure, the day i'm crying while reviewing patient at 11pm because of too 'jonah', the day I alone in the ward, the day I'am working with IVD in me because of AGE but still need to on-call at night.

but as time passing by I had memory of my patient still recognize me even after 4 month, I had best friends and seniors who is so supportive, a successful 1st tracheal and nasal intubation, a successful first subarachnoid block, a successful IJVC insertion, a successful of ray's amputation and nice T&S,
a successful difficult branula insertion (although I'am not an expert), a happy and nice staff in ward who can be your friend also.

there were too many good and 'not so good' memory during HOship..haha

and a good memory indeed when we having a little reunion in Sabah.. with again so many event in between.. hahaha

and now..

i'am a medical officer..
my responsible is widen, i'am scared I unable to manage patient well
i scared if I don't know what to do if anything happen..
i scaredddd..

please keep praying for me..
InsyaAllah i'll be good MO to serve ummah

p/s: I hope wherever I got posted.. it's where Allah knows best for me

love- eqa

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Alhamdulillah.. post professional exam April 2014


been ages since my last entry here.. blogwalking lagi laa lama, lagipun sekarang dah tak banyak blog2 best nak baca.. blogger semua da femes.. dyorang lagi suka update insta, fb and twitter..

just wanna share our Professional exam.. which was the most difficult and unfair exam in the world..
exam was held for only 4 days.. 3 days of written exam and 1 day clinical exam (or 2hours of clinical exam) to evaluate us to be a good and safe doctor..

written exam was difficult for me, especially MCQ.. maybe sebab tak banyak practice MCQ.. Ganyang MCQ ade macam2 version tp semua x buat.. apelaa.. or ade soalan simple, tp tak tau jawapan..haih..

but the most difficult part was when list name for clinical exam was out, and my name was in the 1st day. it's hard to accept it.. I cry almost 2 days (list name kluar ari selasa petang, nangis sampai pagi khamis tu.. ish3).. i'm too scared, feel like 'why me?', i'm not ready.. terus lost of appetite, I barely eat and sleep since the name was out.. As i'm the only lucky one in my house it makes more difficult.. people are laughing, 'chit-chating', discuss and sleep soundly.. but can't make it.. the tears keep falling down.. on Wednesday, i got my sense back, I know this is THE BEST for me, let's jest trust Allah. Allah who give us success after-all. I cry, but not as severe as the day before.. going through MME with a little knowledge on me.. As i keep get du'a from my friends it also give me strength. Everyone were praying for us the 1st day candidates.. thank you..

Thursday (17/04/14), the day came.. i'm too scared that morning, called mom that morning for her du'a, I wanna hug someone but my roommate was sleeping that morning.. i'm feeling lonely.. lucky Asna and Hajar was at the hall wishing me good luck that morning.. taking lift alone, i just wanna cry that time.. thinking i'm facing this alone..then, I meet others, my friends who will join the battle together.. we had almost had the same expression, most of us had swollen eye (due to crying and not enough sleep.. haha).. there were to much things that we don't know.. and we keep comforting each other by saying 'don't worry doctor don't ask it.. InsyaAllah'.. and I had my long case and shortcases.. Alhamdulillah (the examiners was supper kind, I'm glad)

As i'm the 1st batch for clinical exam, i got a week of holiday before the result is out. the 1st and 2nd day was not bad.. but the subsequent day, all the questions keep haunting me, and the answer too.. and I started nervous again, for the result.. thinking about written exam also make me getting chest pain.. As it was finish for me I can't do anything exam Du'a.. Tawakal.. that's all that I can do.. I'm jealous for those people who can read more and prepare more. but I believe ALLAH knows best for me..

25/04/14.. the 'result day'.. i really anxious, I can't really describe how it feel.. when the dean started to called name.. my hand start shaking, my heart pump 3x faster than before..and I hold Asna's hand to get courage (as Prof I had told her result, before the announcement) my name was not called until the last pages.. I thing my name was before Yuhairi, when Yuhairi's name was called, I told Asna 'nama eqa takde na.' almost cry T.T however 2 second later, my name was called 'nurul atiqah binti nor said', I barely heard my name and ask Asna and Bee is it my name?? Alhamdulillah..

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for your plan, for giving this present for me.. thank you mak ayah for their du'a, they wake up and fast to pray for me.. thank you, there are the greatest supporter and for me.. thank you examiners, lecturers, teachers that teach us show us guide.. thank you friends for your du'a since i'm young.. thank you all who involve in thick and thin of our journey.. thank you

I know this is not the last not even the started of our journey..

p/s: to people who Allah choose, you'll be better than me... Allah do have great plan for all of u for the next 6 months.. i'm here, always pray for your success.. i'm also here if u want ears or are the strongest among us all ;)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

happy new year 2014


hai everyone.. live getting busier, i almost forget that i have a blog.
last entry was on last September, and today is 19th January (angah's birthday)

we are almost getting to the end of our journey in Medical school. 5 years seems too short..
I still remember, i wear 'green baju kurung' for my 1st day at UiTM shah Alam..

5 years...
too many ups and down..
too many laughter and tears
too many memories

i hope we will finish this 5 years with a great memory, with a good result, with 'dr' in-front of our name
to make our family proud, to serve good service to community and the most important thing to be a good servant for HIM

the most difficult and unfair exam would be in 14/04/2014.. a beautiful date right.. it is about 85 days to go..

Good luck batchmates, good luck 7th batch MBBS UiTM.. good luck everyone..

please pray for our success... amiin...

til we meet again


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

final year medical student

Salam alaik..

haiiiii... owh i'm missing my blog.. it's being ages (months to be exact) i'm not writing something long..
previous post would only be in 1-3 sentence..

there are many thing inside my mind to be share with everybody.. but thinking about others feeling, readers (which are almost only my friends read this blog). I held my self back.. I don't wanna hurt anybody heart/ feeling in direct or indirect way..

currently life become more busier.. (but I still have time to watch drama and reality show.. haha)..
we need to grab so many knowledge as we can and know how to apply it..
There is 1 houseman officer once told me "soon, you will be my colleague".. I got goosebumps..
Am I qualified to be a doctor less than a year??
I keep praying to pass my exam on time.. I don't want to extend longer..

I need to study hard, pray hard, concentrate on every lecture, tutorial and seminar, grab any good opportunity ..
reduce time of sleep needed.. reduce watching all those drama..
Be A Good Doctor Nurul Atiqah!!

p/s: as I type this post, my mind got blank.. I don't know what is my point posting this out in the middle of the night .. I hope people out there can pray for me also.. :D

p/s/s : He knows what best for you!! Al-baqarah:216



Monday, July 29, 2013

Kita bukan orang senang.. :(


post yg da bersawang

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