Sunday, April 3, 2011

post ilmiah.. hehe

salam to olls..

oleh sebab lagi sebulan professional exam will be held for 2nd year student of uitm..
i had been inspired to write all those thing that i had been revise.. so it will make my blogging become more worth-full..hahaha.. (and maybe untuk future, bila eqa da lupa ape yang sudah di revise).. and hope all readers sabar je ar dengan sume post2 nie... and kalau tak paham ape yang eqa tulis boleh comment di bawah k..

hari nie eqa revise psal urinary.. (roughly..)
kidney-ureter-urinary bladder and urethra... (mcm di-ilustrate kat atas nie)

kidney are a paired retroperitoneal organ (klu nak senang paham, dia terletak kat belakang, bukan kat bahagian abdomen)
right kidney lower (11 rib ) lower than left kidney (12 rib), bcoz of liver at right side..
a redbean-shape organ (rindu bubuh kacang merah mak..=.=)
and function to filter the blood and produce urine
the covering of kidney consist of fibrous capsule-perirenal fat-renal fascia- pararenal fat
posterior relation of kidney have 4 muscle: diapghram, tranverse abdominus, quadratus lumborum and psoas major
the blood supply for kidney:
renal artery->segmental artery->interlobar ar->arcuate ar->interlobular ar-> affarent artery-> nephron(kidney basic unit) ->vein ->interlobular vein->arcuate vein->interlobar vein-> last drain to renal vein

when the urine had been produce by kidney, it will be transported to urinary bladder or malay said, pundi kencing.. by ureter.. tal pasti plak malay say what..
the important part of ureter is their constriction.. they(bcoz there ar 2 ureter) have three constriction which vulnerable for obstruction by any stone..
the 3 part of constriction is: 1) at pelvic-ureter junction 2) at pelvic brim 3) at the entrance to the urinary bladder

the urinary bladder mainly function as temporary store of urine..
it is tetrahedral with apex connect with middle umbilical ligament(urachus), fundus (have the opening of ureter), neck (related to prostate gland in male and urogenital diaphragm in female), a superior surface, and 2 inferolateral surface (sowi terlalu jargon disini)
rasenyer klu part bladder nie yg penting 'reflection of pelvic peritonium, tp mcm susah jer nak tulis kat cnie..hehe.

ok, students..(berangan sudeh)
we move to urethra.. it is function to drain the urine outside the body..
urethra is a fibromuscular tube.. klu kat XYgenes which is male, urethra have both function which carries urine and semen... and it divided to three part with regard of the prostate galand: 1) proststic urethra (at prostate gland)
2) membraneous urethra (at urogenital diaphragm)
3)spongy erethra (at penis)
female nyer urethra tak complicated sgt.. hehe

ok, tu je ar kowt.. klu nak tau lebih lanjut, sila buka buku or google..
sowi kalau tak paham..

p/s: niat dihati nak taip panjg2.. tapi suda pening kepala.. hehe

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