Monday, April 30, 2012

1 mei 2012

salam alaikkk

whoaaaa sudah 1 mei..
14 mei exam wehhhh..
2 mingguuuuu...
14 hari...
3 posting..
without study week..

wish us lotz of luck..
pray for us people..
i hope i'll enter 4th year with all of my batchmate

wahai otak dan minda, sila terima apa yang dibaca.. dan ingatilah sampai bila2..

as many people say: study for the sake of knowledge.. u will enjoy it
p/s: belajar2

Sunday, April 22, 2012

rooftop rant

rasa rindu mahu baca buku ini..
aku rasa buku ini dekat dengan aku..
masa aku baca buku nie, aku sangat mahu kawan macam Jade

aku rasa macam nak balik ambik buku nie kat rumah.. huhu
(owh, buku atas meja yang bertimbun nie pown aku tak habiskan lagi)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

are u Chinese?

salam alaik..

here the story, we meet one guy in hospital:

me: hai, good morning (11 am that time)
guy: are u nurses?
me: no, we are medical student? why did no need any help?
guy: ho, no-no
me : i'm Atiqah, can i ask u something about your illnessess?
guy : hurmm (dia buat muka blur), are u Malaysian?
me : yes, are u Chinese?
guy : no, i am Mongolian, did u know Mongolian?
me : yes, Mongolian near Rusia rite? (wehh, ko ingat Malaysian tak belajar geografi ke??)
guy : ooo, u know Rusia??
friend : yes.. lot of our friends studied there..
(then, we are talking about his disease, he complained of loin pain and passing out coca-cola coloured urine for past 2 day prior to admission, he also complained of fever 2 days before he get loin pain)
me : how Malaysia?
guy: sometime good, sometime not. Malaysia have only 1 seasion, everyday is hot or sometime rain. In Mongolian we have 4 seasion, winter, autumn, summer, and spring. did u know snow? snow is best..
me : yes i know snow, did not the chance yet to watch snow myself, one day i'll go to see snow.. why you study English in Malaysia?
guy : besause Malaysia is cheap (dy kate dy balaja English sebab nak further study or nak kerja kat Canada), when did u start learning English?
friend : since in kindergarten, about 6 years old
guy : whoaaa, i just study ABC in about 3 month ago.
we : u are doing great then, because u can speak English..
guy: :D

moral of the story: i think we need to practice our-self comunicate with others with English, as this patient, he just learn ABC in 3 month time, and then, he able to communicate with us in simple English. i just feel ashamed when i think, i learn English since i just a kid, until now. but i relies that, my English not improving at all. huhu

this is the interesting part of medicine, u make a new friend everyday.. and i really love doing it.
(sesungguhnya saya ada buang sedikit cerita daripada dia, kerana saya malas nak taip

nak tau kat mana Mongolia?


salam alaik..

abang saya yang seorang tu dah bertunang 30 mac lepas..
aku memang lupa yang abang ku yang seorang tu sudah pown bertunang..
sebab macam biasa jer..
lepas abang bertunang, keadaan tak berubah pown..
abang tetap abang yang dulu..

sampai laaa
abang post bendi nie kat fb dia
saya rasa lain..
rasa abang saya akan berubah bila dia kahwin nanti..
nanti tak boleh la saya baring atas lengan abang saya lagi.. sebab dia dah ade bini.. huhu
nanti tak boleh la bagi mesej "abang balik laa, uda ada kat rumah nie"
nanti tak boleh la nak suruh dia balik sebab nak ajak gie mandi gunung..
nanti mesti dah susah nak buat BBQ..
nanti tak boleh la bodek abang belanja makan
nanti abang dah tak bagi duit buat beli baju raya

huhuhu... terasa sedih bila memikirkan abang dah nak kahwin..
p/s: abang nanti-nanti lah kahwin.. luv u bang, jgn lupa bayar hutang adikmu ini..hehe (sesungguhnya abang saya tak baca blog saya.. hehe^^)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

abdominal examintion

assalamualaikum.. mari kita semua belajar malam nie..

general examination:
conscious, alert, in pain?
hand: flapping tremor, koilonychia, leuchonychia, clubbing, palmar erythema, any contractures
arm: bruise, strach mark, spider naevi
eye: jaundice, pallor
mouth: breath, lip (angular stomatitis, ulceration, pigmentation), gum (bleeding, gingivitis, pigmentation), tongue (coated, glossitis, ulceration)
lymph node: especially cervical and left supraclavicular LN
chest: gynaecomastia, spider naevi, loss of axillary hair
groin: hernial orifice, testes (oedema), LN
leg: oedema, bruising

ok, tu jer laa, aku malas nak type abdominal examintaion, sebab basically sama jer macam yang selalu buat... yang bold tu things that student usually forget

note from dr : you must show us you specially looking to stigmata of liver disease!!!, when there is hepatomegaly, you must measure JVP to exclude congestive cardiac failure, and know the reason of everything you mention :D

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i'm sorry

have a bedside today:
dr: did u read what i ask yesterday?? (while looking at my face)

me, keep silent, don't know where to look into, i am feeling guilty sleep early last night (tak la cepat sangat 0030), but i did not touch anything last night...
i'm feeling sorry to the doctor and especially to myself, there are many thing i didn't know... huhu..
need to sacrifice more during this time... keep survive for another 2 month..
you can do it!!!
yeahhh... semangat3.. (mari buat case summary :/ )

loveletter>2:216, 2:286 (mari buka tafsir Al-Quran )


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