Thursday, April 12, 2012

are u Chinese?

salam alaik..

here the story, we meet one guy in hospital:

me: hai, good morning (11 am that time)
guy: are u nurses?
me: no, we are medical student? why did no need any help?
guy: ho, no-no
me : i'm Atiqah, can i ask u something about your illnessess?
guy : hurmm (dia buat muka blur), are u Malaysian?
me : yes, are u Chinese?
guy : no, i am Mongolian, did u know Mongolian?
me : yes, Mongolian near Rusia rite? (wehh, ko ingat Malaysian tak belajar geografi ke??)
guy : ooo, u know Rusia??
friend : yes.. lot of our friends studied there..
(then, we are talking about his disease, he complained of loin pain and passing out coca-cola coloured urine for past 2 day prior to admission, he also complained of fever 2 days before he get loin pain)
me : how Malaysia?
guy: sometime good, sometime not. Malaysia have only 1 seasion, everyday is hot or sometime rain. In Mongolian we have 4 seasion, winter, autumn, summer, and spring. did u know snow? snow is best..
me : yes i know snow, did not the chance yet to watch snow myself, one day i'll go to see snow.. why you study English in Malaysia?
guy : besause Malaysia is cheap (dy kate dy balaja English sebab nak further study or nak kerja kat Canada), when did u start learning English?
friend : since in kindergarten, about 6 years old
guy : whoaaa, i just study ABC in about 3 month ago.
we : u are doing great then, because u can speak English..
guy: :D

moral of the story: i think we need to practice our-self comunicate with others with English, as this patient, he just learn ABC in 3 month time, and then, he able to communicate with us in simple English. i just feel ashamed when i think, i learn English since i just a kid, until now. but i relies that, my English not improving at all. huhu

this is the interesting part of medicine, u make a new friend everyday.. and i really love doing it.
(sesungguhnya saya ada buang sedikit cerita daripada dia, kerana saya malas nak taip

nak tau kat mana Mongolia?

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