Thursday, May 24, 2012



it really a big relieve when my friend post on fb "surgery semua lulus"
only He knows my feeling..

surgery is the most scariest causing palpitation to know the result..
i'm doing very bad, i;m crying for about a weeks for being scolded like that.. (i'll cry even to think about it now)
it was very though for me.. i can't handle being not-know, being provoke, being in a shame because he scold me in front of patient relative.. i just can't..
when i know there was 1 female student fail in  surgery longcase, i have a big believe that, it was me..
i feel that i'm the one who doing really BAD
plus when it come to written exam.. it like:
"Ya Allah aku tak belajar ape-ape ke? aku tak pernah dengar pown penyakit nie"
risau sangat-sangat...
and when Asiah post everyone pass.. huh, legaaaaa.. then, i can only hope to get C..
somehow, i got B.. hahaha... (B pown dah hepi gler, tak tau la bila dapat A macam mana kan...hehe)

and medicine and pediatric, i think i have done my best..

Alhamdulillah, i'm able to proceed to 4th year... (tak sangka dah tua.. hehe)

now, need to finish up this elective which give me headache everyday.. haha..

p/s: congrate everyone, double congrate to those who get A, nad A+, owh saya sangat jelous dengan kamu2 yang dapat A... huhu

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