Sunday, July 22, 2012

a strong little brother..

salam alaik.. happy Ramadhan readers..

this Ramadhan will be a most memorable Ramadhan for our family.. my father newly diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.. i was in semester break last 3 weeks. staying all day in the house facing my parent, i did not noticed any changes that my father had. i didn't noticed he had swelling in his neck, he did not complained any symptoms of hyperthyroidism ie excessive sweating, heat intolerance, weight loss despite eating alot.. he didn't complained anything. he was happily send me to Selayang campus as he can visit his 'adik' cik Ady.. until suddenly he call me on 14/7 at 7.00pm (witch he never done before calling me nearly Maghrib) and said he was in hospital check up his condition because he was collapse in the noon, and GP said he probably had hyperthyroid. I couldn't ask much as it was Maghrib and he said he was well and nothing much to be worried. After Maghrib prayer i call him again, and he give me another news, my adik had persistent vomiting since 5.30pm and currently at 'bilik rawatan', he said maybe because of food poisoning becaused he ate nasi lemak last night. and at 11.00pm i sms my father again saying adik did not stop vomiting, and was planned to be transferred to Hospital Sultanah Aminah.. and the story begin...

Adik is a 15+ year old male which he had history of dysphagia and early fullness since 3 years ago, he had done all the test and was told (to my mother) he having a narrowing of his GI tract. he was then referred to HKL for futher management but adik default appointment after 1 test had done (don't really know what sort of investigation, but he said it was painfull, and he didn't want to do it anymore). he had history of hospital admission  due to vomiting and abdominal pain and he was treated as AGE patient.

On this admission, OGDS was done and confirm that he had pyloric stenosis. CT abdo was done and the was suspected cyst seen in his stomach. he was told with the doctor, if operation done, InsyAllah everything gonna be fine. pyloric stenosis won't be recur. Doctor told him, his surgery will be done on last Thursday, however because of some hospital problem it was been delayed until last night.

Adik was really bored waiting for his surgery. he had nothing to be done, he can't eat. can't walk because he had CBD and NG tube. he was lying on the bad for whole week. he was to strong for not complaining anything. On Saturday night a nurse came and bring white cloth. I told to the nurse "adik dah nak pergi OT ke?", and the nurse said yes. Adik give big smile as he had waiting so long for this surgery and he believed he  will be healthy as before after the surgery. (how naive my brother, he said "penat adik tunggu"). in front of the OT room he said to me, "seram laa". and i told him, everything gonna be fine, "adik kena banyak selawat, adik kan kuat".. (how can't it be 'seram' he is too young for having this surgery pyloroplasty with KIV jejunistomy).. he was not told how the surgery will be done, what is the risk, what is jejunostomy. he didn't know anything what will be the surgeon do to him. as he only know, he will getting better after the surgery. (can't the surgeon told him a little bit about the surgery??).. he was crying before we went outside of the OT room. ( can't imagine how scared he was)

Surgery was done in 2 hours. he was brought back to his room. he was really in pain.. he keep saying "sakit.. sakit.." ( Ya Allah kurangkanlah sakit adikku ini).. he keep pressing for Morphine until his SpO2 drop to 82% and his pulse rate was 128bpm. we don't know how he feel but keep telling him "adik, kalau sakit sangat baru tekan tau". A time goes on he can sleep for a while but wake up when the pain hurt him. he was suffering all night. (he was too young for this pain.. huhu T.T)

and on morning round, the surgeon told my parent and my adik. he could NOT find the cause of the pyloric stenosis, as his stomach and deodenum are in healthy condition. he did not find any cyst that was reported in CT. surgeon also told that he was not confirm, adik real problem is pyloric stenosis or other problem. however he was done the pyloroplasty as the pylorus is slightly narrowed. (he told us, this was his 1st case came to him like this) and he tell us to pray hard that nothing happen after the surgery, and adik will be fine after the surgery. if his condition did not change he will be transferred to HKL for other management.. and adik really scared of HKL..

poor my brother, as he had suffered all this waiting, hungry, can't walk, can't go to school, painfull operation. he's condition can't be confirm yet... i hope he will be strong ..

adik.. Allah sayang adik, sebab tu Allah uji adik dengan ujian yang besar macam nie, orang-orang yang istimewa je Allah bagi ujian besar macam nie.. Adik mesti kuat sebab Allah tau adik orang kuat yang boleh tahan ujian Allah nie..

"Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya.." Albaqarah ayat 186

please pray hard for adik healthy. I hope after this surgery, he will be healthy again.. i miss to call him gemok macam amsa dia sekolah rendah dulu...

adik will be fine kan kawan-kawan :(

i know i'm writting in a grammar hancus order.. sorry..


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