Monday, September 24, 2012

seriousness :P


hai, it's been a while i didn't update any news here.. 'busy' meh, (or more accurate is lazyy.. heee~)

i'm currently addicted surfing for this very cute-eye catching - girly thing..

which are:

smartphone cover (samsung galaxy S2)

another good one, which u don't need to bring along your purse anymore.. hehe (it suit me..)

this one is very eye-catching-cute thing, but that 'someone' also must have the same phone 
(gedikkkk :P)

p/s: padahal S2 pown xde, nak berangan ade casing yang super-duper cute nie.. cehh..
p/s/s: am i a stingy person or just saving a litlle??
p/s/s/s: can i get that phone as a free gift.. haha (berangan lagiiii :P)

want to look more design: click here they have a a lot of other design for various type of smartphones.. (lucky u those having smartphone..=D )

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