Monday, December 24, 2012

kacang pool/pol

salam alaik...
nest week exam, tapi aku sempat lagi post pasal makanan kan.. haha
nie tadi la nampak ade orang johor post gie makan kacang pool,
kacang pool nie asal dari singapore..
kat johor pown yang aku tau, ade jual kat plaza larkin..
kat tempat lain tak pernah plak jumpa..
aku pown pernah makan sekalik jer, masa tidur umah kakak ainaa nak gie amek sijil spm...
sedap woooo

bila lagi la aku nak gie plaza larkin cari bende nie..

nak harap kat KL memang tak jumpa la kan...
cari mee bandung Muar kat KL nie pown susah, apetah lagi kacang pool kan..

k la, good luck exam.. haha

Saturday, December 22, 2012

exam week is coming

salam alaik..
it's exam againn...
and exam without study week is  crazy 
how can the faculty decided that way?? huhu

and this is my current posting exam schedule
(pack in the 1st day)

31/12/2012 (monday)
9-10am : PBQ Phpm
10.45-11.45am : mcq ortho
11.45-12.15pm : meq ortho
2.30-3.30pm : mcq pcm
3.30-4.00pm : meq pcm
4.00-5.00pm : mcq a+e

2/1/2013 (wednesday)
oscee pcm

so, hikmahnya.. boleh balik awalllllllllll

p/s: good luck everyone :D

Monday, December 17, 2012

clinical audit

owh, i really can't wait to finish up OUR clinical audit
it thus effect my peaceful and harmony life
i want my life back
free from thinking of audit
and i have peaceful dream far from dreaming about audit even at night.. huhu

owh2, another 2 weeks.. i
i'm free from this 'thing'...

till then, let's fighting !!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

i'm loosing weight

loosing about 2kg in about 2 month
adakah ini gara-gara clinical audit leader..
nie kalau jad ketua posting, MESTA, JPK
boleh slim.. hahahaa

p/s: banyak nyer la kerja kena buat... hadoI

Saturday, December 8, 2012

dream vs angan-angan

dang~~ gambar kontroversi tahun 2012... hehe..
(nak letak juga walaupun big bro pejam mata, asalkan aku 'comey'.. haha)

salam alaik..

kaifa haluka/ki?? ana bil khair... 

apa beza impian @ dream, angan-angan@ fantasy, and cita-cita@ambitious..

i'm suddenly think, the thing that i want is it a dream, fantasy or the real ambition..
there are too many thing that i want in my life..
the thing that i don't know whether i can achieve it or get it..
is it i'm too picky or choosy so, at last i don't get anything...
or it just not the time yet that He planned to give me..

owh, apa yang aku merepek nie..
btw, we are having a BIG EXAM.. again  in a month time.. 
i'm not ready with anything..
but hopefully everything will be good..
wish us GOOD LUCK dear blogger friendsss...

p/s: that one is a pic of my big bro wedding with Kak Ana.. our side wedding will be held in February combine with Angah wedding, can't wait.. it will be grand i think.. haha

Monday, December 3, 2012

the TOP secret

Everyone has a secret they haven’t shared. 
Everyone has a past no one’s heard about.
 Everyone has talents that people don’t notice. 
Everyone has weaknesses hidden inside. 
Everyone has a story left untold, 
so never start judging someone thinking you know them back to front. 
Because the truth is, you probably don’t. 


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