Saturday, December 8, 2012

dream vs angan-angan

dang~~ gambar kontroversi tahun 2012... hehe..
(nak letak juga walaupun big bro pejam mata, asalkan aku 'comey'.. haha)

salam alaik..

kaifa haluka/ki?? ana bil khair... 

apa beza impian @ dream, angan-angan@ fantasy, and cita-cita@ambitious..

i'm suddenly think, the thing that i want is it a dream, fantasy or the real ambition..
there are too many thing that i want in my life..
the thing that i don't know whether i can achieve it or get it..
is it i'm too picky or choosy so, at last i don't get anything...
or it just not the time yet that He planned to give me..

owh, apa yang aku merepek nie..
btw, we are having a BIG EXAM.. again  in a month time.. 
i'm not ready with anything..
but hopefully everything will be good..
wish us GOOD LUCK dear blogger friendsss...

p/s: that one is a pic of my big bro wedding with Kak Ana.. our side wedding will be held in February combine with Angah wedding, can't wait.. it will be grand i think.. haha

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