Saturday, December 22, 2012

exam week is coming

salam alaik..
it's exam againn...
and exam without study week is  crazy 
how can the faculty decided that way?? huhu

and this is my current posting exam schedule
(pack in the 1st day)

31/12/2012 (monday)
9-10am : PBQ Phpm
10.45-11.45am : mcq ortho
11.45-12.15pm : meq ortho
2.30-3.30pm : mcq pcm
3.30-4.00pm : meq pcm
4.00-5.00pm : mcq a+e

2/1/2013 (wednesday)
oscee pcm

so, hikmahnya.. boleh balik awalllllllllll

p/s: good luck everyone :D

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