Monday, January 21, 2013

salam alaik....

If Ayah ever read my blog (which the posibility is very small.. hehe) i'm wishing you happy birthday.. :D

ayah is being 56years old this year.. I always forget how old my father and then remember ayah born on 1957 which is MERDEKA years.. so we can remember just like that.. hehe (owh, and minus 5 for mom age.. haha.. i'm not good with number lol..)

Ayah and MAK had been together for 28 years...  they are different but compliment each other... mak sometime told me she is mad with ayah.. but at night i will heard Mak and Ayah chating and loughing in the room (my room is next to them).. so, i think that is what marriage is all about.. u can't really sulking soo long to your love one (as always, ayah never tell me, he is mad with Mak.. biasa la lelaki must be COOL kan.. haha)

we are not a wealthy family, last month TV broke down, Ayah said, he can't effort to buy a new TV because currently we are renovating our house.. so, he brought TV from his 'kedai runcit' back home for my Mak (small and not goood TV.. hehe).. However, I heard that Ayah had brought a plasma TV to Mak as a anniversary present.. how nice.. so my mom doesn't complained she is bored at home.. hehe

today is his birthday.. mom forget this date.. maybe she is too busy lately.. even she doesn't cook for lunch.. (there are only Mak and Ayah at home during the day, so Mak sometime doesn't cook as my Ayah sometime doesn't want to eat.. or they willl eat outside.. 'save budget' )
so ayah said : kesian kat ayah dah la birthday.. mak tak masak ape2 pown untuk ayah..
and mak said : owhhh,,, soriiii sangat (then, she immediately wake up and cook ayah's feveret  UNGKEP AYAM)
owh.. really missing them badly... can't wait to be at home this thursday...

p/s: nak balik tuntut hadiah birthday... hahaha

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