Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 years had pass

Salam alaik..

it had been 5 years since SPM left us.. hehe
then, tetiba ternampak this picture..

it was about an advertisement for IPG

one day after SPM result was announced Mak brought a cut of newspaper.. it was about the IPG/ maktab perguruan.. and I was like "mak nak uda jadi cikgu ke??" mak then, just say "try je, tak ada  rugi pown try mohon". but I know, she want me became a teacher. Aku pown  mohon la kan, da mak suruh.. the 1st result annaunced I'am not qualified, so I told Mak "nak buat rayuan ke?" it was just click the 'rayuan' button je pown.. and mak smiled.. so, I click the button.. 

Then, bila dah masuk matrix result rayuan tu keluar and I'am qualified to go interview, then Mak ask me "uda nak jadi cikgu?" and I told her "uda nak jadi doktor".. so she told "tak payah la pergi interview kalau macam tu, buat yang terbaik kat matrix, nanti boleh sambung buat doktor, mak yakin dengan uda." thus, it concluded the story.I know she envy with her friends having a  teacher in the house.. but mak "you will have a doctor in the house - Insya Allah"

owh.. ape motif post macam nie??

it just I miss my Mak... 

mood: nak balik kampung tolong mak buat bunga telur~~~

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