Thursday, May 16, 2013

happy teachers day

selamat hari guru cikgu...


today is teachers day..
thousand of wish in the facebook don't really show how we the student appreciate all the hardwork from you teacher..
teaching us..
answer our question, which sometime a ridiculous questions.. (owh, it's me specifically)
bare with us (the naughty one) 

sorry for my wrongdoing teachers..
I'm really sorry for those teacher who I sleep in their class...
sorry to my physic teacher where I purposely sleep.. hehehe
sorry, to teachers who I talk-back behind them..
sorry teacher English, sometime I didn't submit essay.. ( patut tak dapat A BI time SPM)
sorry if I don't pay attention...
sorry  and thanks for everything.... :D

and A big THANKS to my parent
who teach me how to walk, how to eat, how to read, how to count,
teach me colour, drawing...
who teach me recite Al-quran...
who teach me to be independent...
who teach endless subject...

thanks mak and ayah 


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