Wednesday, September 18, 2013

final year medical student

Salam alaik..

haiiiii... owh i'm missing my blog.. it's being ages (months to be exact) i'm not writing something long..
previous post would only be in 1-3 sentence..

there are many thing inside my mind to be share with everybody.. but thinking about others feeling, readers (which are almost only my friends read this blog). I held my self back.. I don't wanna hurt anybody heart/ feeling in direct or indirect way..

currently life become more busier.. (but I still have time to watch drama and reality show.. haha)..
we need to grab so many knowledge as we can and know how to apply it..
There is 1 houseman officer once told me "soon, you will be my colleague".. I got goosebumps..
Am I qualified to be a doctor less than a year??
I keep praying to pass my exam on time.. I don't want to extend longer..

I need to study hard, pray hard, concentrate on every lecture, tutorial and seminar, grab any good opportunity ..
reduce time of sleep needed.. reduce watching all those drama..
Be A Good Doctor Nurul Atiqah!!

p/s: as I type this post, my mind got blank.. I don't know what is my point posting this out in the middle of the night .. I hope people out there can pray for me also.. :D

p/s/s : He knows what best for you!! Al-baqarah:216



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