Saturday, January 18, 2014

happy new year 2014


hai everyone.. live getting busier, i almost forget that i have a blog.
last entry was on last September, and today is 19th January (angah's birthday)

we are almost getting to the end of our journey in Medical school. 5 years seems too short..
I still remember, i wear 'green baju kurung' for my 1st day at UiTM shah Alam..

5 years...
too many ups and down..
too many laughter and tears
too many memories

i hope we will finish this 5 years with a great memory, with a good result, with 'dr' in-front of our name
to make our family proud, to serve good service to community and the most important thing to be a good servant for HIM

the most difficult and unfair exam would be in 14/04/2014.. a beautiful date right.. it is about 85 days to go..

Good luck batchmates, good luck 7th batch MBBS UiTM.. good luck everyone..

please pray for our success... amiin...

til we meet again



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