Sunday, September 4, 2016

Housemanship already finish

Assalamualaikum... haiii

fuhfuh.. too many dust here~~~

It's 2 years since my last post in this blog..
Time flies so fasttt..
There are too many things happen in my life in this 2 years..

Housemanship already finish-
Alhamdulillah without extension..
Alhamdullilah gaining weight.. haha
Alhamdulillah gaining knowledge from various posting
Alhamdulillah surviving well

Alhamdulillah every 4 month end of posting holiday i got chance to go holiday with my family..
even tho it just Tanjung Piai or Desaru

Alhamdulillah i got my 1st car, it just a little purple myvi but i love him.. (eh JQN is a male??)
even tho he had too many scratch, too many crack.. i still love him.. :P
(y I know, I'm the one who done all the damage.. i'am sorry)

although it had been 2 years.. I still remember the 1st day I work as houseman, the 1st time my patient GCS drop in gynae ward after miscarriage, the 1st time my specialist scold me inside treatment room in ward 8, a week without taking proper meal during medical posting, the day I left my food in Hospital cafeteria because my MO call to assist procedure, the day i'm crying while reviewing patient at 11pm because of too 'jonah', the day I alone in the ward, the day I'am working with IVD in me because of AGE but still need to on-call at night.

but as time passing by I had memory of my patient still recognize me even after 4 month, I had best friends and seniors who is so supportive, a successful 1st tracheal and nasal intubation, a successful first subarachnoid block, a successful IJVC insertion, a successful of ray's amputation and nice T&S,
a successful difficult branula insertion (although I'am not an expert), a happy and nice staff in ward who can be your friend also.

there were too many good and 'not so good' memory during HOship..haha

and a good memory indeed when we having a little reunion in Sabah.. with again so many event in between.. hahaha

and now..

i'am a medical officer..
my responsible is widen, i'am scared I unable to manage patient well
i scared if I don't know what to do if anything happen..
i scaredddd..

please keep praying for me..
InsyaAllah i'll be good MO to serve ummah

p/s: I hope wherever I got posted.. it's where Allah knows best for me

love- eqa


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